Tour de LES @ Joyface (2023)

Filmed and edited short-form Super 8 video capturing Tour de LES' stop at Joyface on July 10, 2023.

Tour de LES @ Nublu (2023)

Filmed and edited short-form video capturing Tour de LES' stop at Nublu on November 4, 2023.

Milk Makeup-KUSH Brow Shadow Stick Launch Video (2023)

Edited + animated titles for new product launch video.

Milk Makeup-Sculpt Stick Product Spotlight (2023)

Edited + animated titles for branded product education video.

Milk Makeup-Pore Eclipse Paid Media (2022-2023)

Led edits on all video requests for full-funnel marketing campaign.

Starface (2021)

Collaborated with skincare brand Starface on animated ads promoting new launches. 

Playboy: February 1978 (2021)

Motion Graphics Class Project
Prof. Shira Inbar, Spring 2021

“Print to Motion” Project animating a piece of printed matter using Adobe After Effects. I adapted a February 1978 cover of Playboy Magazine.

Series of Personal Video Diaries (2019)

Just 4 fun :)